The Red String of Fate

Legend says,- a sacred thread woven by Destiny ties You to Me, draws You to Me, in the hope of You and I becoming US.

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The Red String of Fate

Two souls don't find each other

simply by accident.

The Theory about the Red String of Fate states:

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Two string-tied lovers share more than a lifetime together. It's the cosmic play of past lives, karma, destiny intertwined and bringing you together again and again, in front of each other- to deal, learn and accept your darkest traumas and emotions. And accept your twinflame in your life.

It looks easier said than done.


I sit here in my office, in front of my laptop, writing about the most divine form of connection, while being in absolute disconnect with this reality I'm sitting in.

This is the intensity of desiring love.

I often pondered on the fact, that love is the game of riches and wealth, and the poor cannot afford desires like having hobbies, loving somebody, or spoiling somebody.

But time and again, my own feelings for you proved me wrong. Love knows no bounds. (It doesn't have to be romantic love always. Love is Love)

It flows and flows, followed by a string tied to your finger, till one day when you're sitting in a park or randomly under a tree, in your washroom on the pot, and an epiphany hits you and you witness every moment of the past, present, and future you're ought to spend with them. This information is too much to unpack and realize, breaking down slowly and coming through as lessons in your life. This is termed as a Twinflame Reunion Program.

You and they will go through similar life events/destiny events and will always stay connected subconsciously. You can access and feel their energy anytime anywhere any moment. Time doesn't stop your story, it fuels it. That is the kind of love my heart desires.

And, sadly, being a woman I live in a world where everyone sees all this is in 'my man.' And there must be someone with you, next to you, to meet your societal requirements of companionship. While I don't just desire companionship, I desire depth. The intertwining of two souls merging into one, leaving everything of the past behind and tying themselves together in one union.
Perhaps, my idea of love is too much to ask for in this world of lost and found. Maybe I ask for too much.

But, it's either this or nothing.

I give in completely, or I won't ever touch this sacred emotion- love.

But, I don't wish to give in easily. I wish to fight for my life, for my story, for my love, for the love of my life.

All those songs I kept hearing in the hope of meeting you, telling you how much you mattered even before you appeared in my life, listening to all those Japanese rhymes, Chinese strings, Arabic ayats, and African melodies only in the hope of catching up on our past, before I see you for real, for who you really are.

And they want me to compromise on our love, in the name of a contractual union of marriage with somebody whom I can never share this depth with.

Where did we go wrong as a society? I wonder.



(I may add onto this more in the future, regarding how it manifests in my life soon :))

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